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Jeely Playzone - Outdoor Play

Jeely Piece Club Outdoor Play

At the Jeely we provide child led outdoor play in a woodland environment, allowing children to gain their own sense of danger and risk.  Activities such as den building, tree climbing, using hammers and saws, playing in the stream or “water play” helping to build an appreciation for outdoors and nature.

Outdoor Play at the Jeely Piece Club

 Why choose Outdoor Play?

During the past fifteen years there has been a growing body of research which indicates that direct, frequent experience with the natural world produces positive physical, mental and emotional benefits not only in adults but also children and young people.

However, while research is increasingly showing the benefits of the outdoors to children’s health, their access to nature and outdoor play has fallen dramatically. Today in our society, children spend less than half the amount of time playing outdoors that their parents did at the same age.

Quite simply, a growing number of children no longer have opportunities for playing in nature and, as the research studies show, this is not good for their health and well-being. 

We promote that some of the benefits gained from outdoor play are Physical, Social, Emotional, Intellectual & Creative.

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