Steve worked with members of staff, including Mary Millar, former director, in SVQs. In 2001 Grace put him forward to join the board. He thought he would give that a try for a year or so!!

He has been an active member ever since with particular focus on the Personnel Committee.

Since 2000 Steve has run his Healthy Organisation business which offers communication workshops as well as individual mentoring and support in  a wide range of sectors. This year it has become more active again anunder the new title of Breaking the Mould.

Since 2004 he has been a member of the therapeutic team of an international emergency response organisation. Their main customers are many of the well-known names in aviation. He was involved in the aftermath of the Malaysian MH17 crash of 2014.

He recently started a new job setting up an additional club in Central Fife for lonely and isolated people, but with an employability strand, (Curnie Clubs Fife).