Jeely Pop-up Play @ Netherholm Community Hall

What to Expect

At our Netherholm 2 hour session we have use of a large hall, computer room & also the outdoors area. Under 8’s must be dropped off & picked up by a responsible adult.

We try and make each session vary from time to time by using a selection of resources selected by our staff to help encourage kids to interact and communicate with both other children & staff.


  • Lego
  • House Corner
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Action Men & Barbie’s
  • Shop & Post Office
  • Table Top Games ( Tennis, Football, Curling and Air Hockey)
  • Glow Track
  • Computer Games
  • Sports Games
  • Bat Man City
  • Cooking/Baking
  • Floor Games (Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Twister & Draughts)


  • Football
  • Den Making
  • Tree Climbing
  • Learning how to make Fires to toast Marshmallows

We also have a ‘Sports Bag’ which has a variety of activity resources inside.

All activities are supervised by a member of our team.

Snack is also provided.

Session Days and Times

*Note there are variances due to in-service days and other closures - these are updated weekly here.

Term-time  Cost School Holidays Cost
Monday 3.15-5.15pm £1 3.15-5.15pm £1
Friday 3.15-5.15pm £1 3.15-5.15pm £1